To the editor:

Two-thirds of the voters have spoken with a no vote for a new school. Another one-third of the voters have spoken with a yes vote for a new school. Tuesday night's result has shaken me to the core. I respect all of you for exercising your voting rights. The results will cause me to reflect on all of the reasons I have heard for this vote and I promise to listen carefully to your ideas to solve a very complex problem how to provide a safe, healthy place to teach and learn while the price goes up.

Trust and respect for the independent spirit of Baker voters will remain my primary objectives. Excuses and blaming each other will not solve this problem. Listening to each other and sharing the options buildings the trust necessary to stay focused. The vision for the school district says it all: andquot;Students, staff and community exceeding the challenges of tomorrow through quality education today.andquot; While the staff and students continue to exceed the challenges, the community, school board and superintendent will continue to engage each other in a respectful exchange of ideas.

The volunteers on both sides of this election deserve a sincere thank you. The volunteer school board members represent you very well and they also have a thankless job. All can see a serious need and agree that something must be done.

No one is completely satisfied with these results.

Don Ulrey

Superintendent, Baker 5J Schools

Baker City