To the editor:

Words to the Wards!

Next time the school wants your land, up your price to $600,000/$750,000. Then tell those do-gooders you will drop your price a couple hundred thousand, if, and only if, they take that money and build a cover over the other bleachers at the football field. This will do more good for the community than anything else they could do. Then OTEC could put a lighting system suitable for broadcasting night games statewide. The Wards should demand it be renamed the Clyde Ward Stadium. After this is done, the next football tournament they should have a parade with the older Wards riding in Terry Dyke's convertible. Charlotte in the front seat with Terry and Ralph and Alvin in the back seat on each side of me, who should be the grand marshal for thinking this up. Mark, you and Craig and your sister could ride in the second car!

George Wilder

Baker City