To the editor:

I don't mean to be sarcastic, or triumphant in mood, but for openers I am totally delighted at the defeat of the $21 million school bond issue in Tuesday's election. Sixty-four percent of the people voted against this pipe dream, and 36 percent were for it. I thought it was a terrible idea aborning, and nothing has changed my mind since. Where in the world do we get these people who seem to think if it's their idea, it becomes the only legitimate idea on the subject?

Your article on the front page of Wednesday's paper quotes Superintendent Ulrey as saying: andquot;We can't let this go. We have 2,000 people who still know it's a need.andquot;

I am overwhelmed with awe that he didn't mention the 3,566 voters who said emphatically no, it's not a need. He might be caught up in the blundering era of the andquot;new math,andquot; but 64/36 is a big number to ignore, and while I know Ulrey and his ilk will be back trying to jam this down our throats again, I can't help but wonder why the system puts up with this foolishness especially the ultra-high-priced experts who come to town with their equally expert opinions. Why do we allow such foolishness and why do we also have so many $6,000-per-month leaders leading us down a path we don't wish to traverse. I wonder, does this come under the heading of democracy at work, or just another hustle in that endless stream?

Gene Wall

Baker City