To the editor:

Regarding Measure 34: What part of andquot;Noandquot; don't you understand?

The voters of Baker County have their wishes known, for whatever their reasons. So be it!

Are we going to do this year after year, 10 years or so?

Put the horse in the barn and saddle a new one (fresh) and get on with the program.

It causes me a bit of concern we're educating our young minds. Surely the word andquot;noandquot; should be one that they also learn.

I taught my 8-year-old granddaughter that no meant no.

(Mindi) Vaughan states, and I quote: andquot;I'm surprised we lost a few votes.andquot; Well, perhaps they did view the school after all. Ever think of that? Don't blame it on timing of the vote or taxes being mailed Oct. 25. I think this kind of thinking is scary. Spend within our means.

To make one more statement, I did vote yes on Measure 34.

Kathleen McKown

Baker City