To the editor:

I am writing this letter because I am concerned with the direction of the city council meetings.

First, it occurs to me that the tone is completely disrespectful on all fronts. City council members should not be reprimanding each other because it is not appropriate. You are not in charge of each other ... not like that. You represent the voters who put you in your seats. When you are disrespectful to each other, you are actually disrespecting the constituency. Please be mindful of that.

Second, you, as a body, hired the city manager. As far as I am concerned it is entirely appropriate for a member of the body to question the actions and motives of the city manager. I would like to know that there is accountability. The city manager is not your equal. The city manager is your subordinate. Insubordination from the city manager is bad enough, but in front of staff, the camera, those in the chamber and those in the viewing audience? No! It's inappropriate and should be dealt with swiftly. To do otherwise sets precedence that is bad policy. Please be mindful of that.

Finally, the city manager may well have some good ideas and intentions. Unless the city manager can figure out some way to convey good ideas and intentions in a more respectful and professional manner when addressing the city council, I suggest you excuse the city manager from the position, effective immediately.

Ruth Ballo

Baker City