To the editor:

It has been my experience, living in Baker these 40 years, to never cease being impressed with the caliber of people who live in our andquot;little town.andquot; Artists, teachers, musicians, newswriters, athletes, people in every profession, who use their unique talents in ways that bless our community.

Tonight I was again amazed at the ability of a small group of amateur actors to do a stunning production of the play andquot;The Diary of Anne Frank.andquot; The casting of the play was excellent. As these actors portrayed the lives of Jews living together in hiding for over two years, with all the personality conflicts, shortage of food, and fear of being discovered, I no longer saw the Baker people I knew, but was completely captivated by the reality of their performances, and was in tears at the tragic conclusion of their ordeal.

Bravo, Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre, bravo!

Julie Jeffs

Baker City