To the editor:

Baker County Democrats' andquot;Dancing with the Bluesandquot; Saturday night was a resounding success. Three statewide candidates got to come to Baker City and make their pitch to over 150 people and citizens had the opportunity to speak personally to people who may have a large effect on their lives. If you toss into the mix an opportunity to shake it on down with Jimmy Lloyd Rea and the Switchmasters and socialize it was quite an evening. While Baker County Democrats may not have made any money from the event that was never more than a side issue and the preceding are what was the point of the event.

I have been complimented for this event, but no such event is possible without a great deal of help. It is important to thank the people who helped to make this event a success. Baker County Democrats Chair Marilyn Dudek, Secretary Jan Burgderfer, past Chair Bruce Raffety, and Scottie Butcher all went well beyond being just helpful. The candidates traveled many miles to come and see us. Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Meredith Wood-Smith and the field staff traveled many miles to be a part. Baker County Democrats put real effort into selling tickets and local businesses put up fliers and Betty's Books and Marilyn's Music handled tickets. Some bought tickets and donated them back, which were used as complimentary tickets for low income folks.

Finally it is important to note the presence of reporters from the Herald and Record Courier, always an important feature of a political event.

We hope we have demonstrated to everyone's satisfaction that it is possible combine an important political event with just plain fun.

Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Chuck Butcher

Baker City