To the editor:

Dreamers: Those who envision greatness and great things.

Dreamers shoot for the stars even when the naysayers would drag them back to earth!

You see, it takes a special person to not only see the problems with something, but to then begin to envision how he or she could be part of the solution to that problem.

Dreamers are not new things. As we look around our lovely little town we see successful hospitals, churches, schools, swimming pools, YMCAs, sports complexes and homes that began as someone's dream.

And hallelujah! We still have our dreamers today! At times they bug us, for they call upon us to step up and look at something differently than the old way (which may have been great in its time!). For mediocrity is so comfortable. What once was new and was perhaps a dream once upon a time has now become just a stepping stone to a newer dream, a dream that's more up-to-date, a dream that, at first, may be as unpopular as the old dream when it first showed up. New dreamers and their dreams can cost us/me something money, time, etc.

Well, I would really like to thank some of our own dreamers for sharing their talents, their time (lots of it!), their sacrifices, which can easily be ignored by us andquot;normalandquot; types who sacrifice nothing in the process except to vote andquot;yesandquot; or andquot;noandquot; on the ballot.

To Don Ulrey, the 5J School Board, and the Task Force members, to the teachers and staff at Baker Middle School and many other volunteers who have given yourselves away for the cause of our kids I say thank you for dreaming a big dream for us. We may not sound like we appreciate you now. But maybe someday.

Please do not be discouraged. We need you to keep the dream alive for us andquot;normalandquot; types.

And won't it be cool if 75-100 years from now someone else needs to dream a new dream, a bigger, better one than the old one?

And chances are, they'll vote on that one, too. And rightly so ...

Lennie Spooner

Baker City