To the editor:

The school bond failed again. Sorry kids, I know your school is unsafe and antiquated, the disabled student facilities are almost non-existent, and we are told you still have asbestos in some walls. I know none of the negative votes were aimed at you, but with all the greed being shown and the untimely actions forced on the taxpayers, it was time to say NO one more time.

Why are we moving students to the far edge of town? The only students that will benefit from this are the ones in the north end.

I don't have children going to our schools now but if I did I would be stomping on someone's desk and wanting answers. I attended Baker Middle School in the 1950s and it needed much repair then. I can remember leaky roofs, slick stairs, cold classrooms. I don't think in this day and age our future should be subjected to these conditions.

Am I against a new school? No, not if they relocate to either the current location or a centralized location where attendance is not if they can get to school in the winter.

Not if they get a livable design and not someone's pipe dreams. Remember, this is being funded mainly on retirement incomes.

Not if they improve the bus systems so young people can make use of the buses no matter where they live.

I don't think it is wise to have 11-14-year-olds intermingle, as their interests are just being formed and can be easily influenced by older peers.

How dare they try and shove this down our throats one more time. Bids have already been let on the existing middle school as well as a promise to buy more farmland. Let's use what land we have as well as renegotiating the price of the purchase of four blocks of prime land. Sometimes when you count your chickens before they hatch all you get is chicken poop.

Can this pass down the road? Yes. We need to work together taking one step at a time.

I don't think this bond was fair to the taxpayers, the students or anyone else involved.

Carol Tone

Baker City