To the editor:

In your recent editorial andquot;Making Progress on Feral Cat Problem,andquot; which should have been headlined andquot;Pennies for Pussies,andquot; this paper demands the city council give (Suzanne) Fouty another $5,000 to help with next year's cat sterilization program.

Unfortunately, that will not be enough. Using Fouty's formula of three kittens to every female, last year's cat population of 800 has grown to 2,000 this year. Next year the cat population will grow to 5,000 using Fouty's formula.

Fouty in this paper stated she would prefer to sterilize 50 percent of the feral cat population.

To do this next year Fouty would have to sterilize over 2,000 cats at $65 a snip and slice that adds up to $140,000.

If the city does not act immediately, in four years the city will be overrun with 100,000+ feral cats. I'm using Fouty's numbers. The math is quite simple, try it for yourself.

Darby Dunkak

Baker City