To the editor:

Despite claims from NASA, the U.N. and the British government's Stern Review that logging the world's forests is the second cause of climate change (after fossil fuels) up to 25 percent of human-caused carbon emissions we've heard hardly a peep from either the mainstream media or the mainstream environmental movement about the most compelling reason yet presented to protect and preserve our remaining natural forests.

Mainly because of the Bali climate summit in December, we're finally seeing a few blips on the radar screen about the need to stop native forest logging to protect the climate, both globally (due to forests' carbon storage and sequestration capabilities) and regionally (as logging causes desertification and drought).

To further explore the connection between forests and climate and to help bring together the climate and forest protection movements, on Saturday, Jan. 26, from 10-5 at the UO's 177 Lawrence Hall, Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates, Native Forest Council and (with 16 regional co-sponsors) present: Clearcutting the Climate, a conference of science and action.

Clearcutting the Climate features OSU scientists discussing the role of forest carbon, panels exposing timber industry climate change propaganda and the link between deforestation and desertification, and a workshop to find common ground between forest and climate advocacy.

Clearcutting the Climate will be videorecorded and uploaded to our website,, where it will be available along with other information on the link between forests and climate change.

Josh Schlossberg