To the editor:

Each year I look forward to reading the 4-H fair results posted in the Baker City Herald. Consequently, I was disappointed when this year's results were not put in the paper. Having been a part of 4-H myself for the past seven years, I know the long hours and hard work that comes along with being a part of 4-H.

Having the results posted yearly is not only rewarding for the 4-H kids who have put time and effort into their projects all year long, but also to the many volunteer 4-H leaders who have invested their time and energy into the lives of their 4-H kids. Just as those who are involved in school sports enjoy seeing their accomplishments acknowledged in the newspaper, so also do the kids in 4-H.

Being a part of 4-H has not only taught me the importance of working hard at whatever I do, but it has also taught me the importance of giving back to my community through community service. I believe it is good for our community to see how many kids are involved in 4-H and how they are working to better our community.

Kari Rayborn

Seeing is Believing 4-H Dog Club secretary

Baker City

Editor's Note: Results from the 2007 4-H Fair are available for free download on the Baker City Herald's Web site, The site also has photos from the fair for viewing or purchase.