To the editor:

How long can we sleep and still survive as a andquot;freeandquot; nation? Do we understand, or care, where we are headed as a people and an example to the world? Why do we permit our government to station troops in nearly 30 nations while we become the greatest debtor nation in the world? Why do we permit public officials at the top level of government to openly violate the U.S. Constitution, still the law of the land, and say nothing? Why do we believe we will soon pull our troops out of Iraq when we have just built a very large and elaborate embassy there? Why is a quarter-mile-wide toll roadway being built through the center of the United States, starting at the Texas-Mexico border, by foreign entities under NAFTA authority without the consent of Congress or the people? Why have we permitted the state and Washington, D.C., to take over the education and indoctrination of our children and dumb them down to where they can't think independently? In other words, why have we turned everything, our very souls, over to the government without a whimper?

Why do we let government agencies make laws that dictate what we can eat, drink, or smoke, and still call this a free nation? Why does this andquot;free nationandquot; have more people, per capita, in prison than any other nation? Why don't we re-examine laws that put roughly 50 percent of those in federal prisons and 40 percent of those in state prisons there for violation of our drug laws that have created NO reduction in drug usage, but have required government to develop virtual armies of enforcers? Why do we allow our elected congressmen to insert into legitimate legislation billions of dollars worth of special earmarked items to assure their re-election?

And why do we always, with only two exceptions since Eisenhower, elect presidents that belong to the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission, both of which are committed to one-world government? And finally, why does our media not discuss these two subversive organizations so that their activities and objectives are known and voters can make intelligent choices?

What do you think?

Jasper Coombes