To the editor:

I am writing in strong support of the appointment and the election of Cliff Bentz for Oregon State House District 60.

I have known Cliff Bentz for many years. I can attest to his professional integrity, his hard-work ethic, his sound business sense, and his ability to get the job done in an exceptional manner.

Cliff knows the issues facing Eastern Oregon. He has extensive experience in agriculture and real property law. He served as chairperson for Oregon Water Resources Commission. He is serving on the 8-C School Board, the Oregon Historical Society Board, and the Eastern Oregon University Foundation Board of Trustees. He is a past board member of Project Dove a board dedicated to eliminating domestic violence.

Cliff was raised in a ranching family in Drewsey. He earned his college degree at Eastern Oregon State College, and his law degree from Lewis and Clark Northwestern School of Law.

Cliff chose to come back to Eastern Oregon. He and wife, Lindsay, chose to stay here and raise their two children.

We can count on Cliff to get the job done. The challenges we face are tough. I believe we need someone like Cliff. He will listen to our concerns, and then go to work for us. His background and experience make him, by far, the best choice to represent all of us in Salem.

The Honorable Tom Butler has announced his resignation from office, leaving the counties of District 60 Baker, Grant, Harney and Malheur without representation for February's legislative session, and the 2008 calendar year.

Over the next several weeks, Republican committee representatives, and then county commissioners, will participate in the process to appoint Mr. Butler's replacement.

The voters will make the final determination in May and in November.

I am giving my full support to Cliff Bentz for Oregon State Representative, District 60. I hope you will too, by contacting the county commissioners and voicing your support for Cliff's appointment, and by voting for Cliff in the May and November elections. Thank you.

Randy Guyer

Baker City