A long winter of enduring dangerous streets

To the editor:

Baker City is a lovely old town whose history many are proud of. However, at the present our focus should now be on the safety of its citizens by maintaining safer city streets. Fall and winter snows have created quite a few dangerous situations. Driving and shopping on Campbell, Main Street and Broadway have become hazardous.

Now that the New Year has begun and shopping has returned to its normal pace, customers deserve to have safe access to the merchandise they need without risking life, limb or property. And let us not forget employees trying to get to and from work.

I strongly urge that those in charge of maintaining streets such as Main, Campbell and Broadway show more serious and effective planning. The same holds true for those responsible for making the parking lots of Safeway, Rite Aid, Bi-Mart and Albertsons safer for their customers.

We may be in for a long winter, so now is the time to get started so Baker City's citizens can travel and shop in safety.

Joanna Mollert

Baker City