To the editor:

In a few days Oregonians for Immigration Reform will start circulating an initiative petition, Respect for Law Act. It is designed to end the state of Oregon's sanctuary for illegal aliens. It would end Oregon's 181.850 law that prohibits law enforcement or any state agency from spending money to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and require proof of citizenship before registering to vote or obtain a drivers license.

It's about time. After years of foot-dragging by the federal government and our own state of Oregon the governor finally decided it is time to act and he issued an executive order requiring proof of citizenship before obtaining a drivers license. The governor supports Hillary Clinton and Hillary took a hit for supporting the Governor of New York's decision to issue drivers licenses to anyone who wanted one, no citizenship necessary. He backed off under pressure from the Clinton campaign when Hillary's poll numbers began to drop and about that time our governor flip-flopped and decided maybe Oregon should change the way it does business on illegal aliens.

I suspect a call from the Clinton machine. We don't need messy issues during a campaign. The governor now says, andquot;Oregon has become a magnet for non-citizens who want identification for nefarious purposes.andquot;

We told you that a while back, governor. We've been telling George Bush similar things about the border too. The federal government has failed to act so now the states are stepping up to do the jobs American presidents and congressmen won't do: end illegal immigration.

The governor's executive order didn't go far enough and in fact he favored a two-tier drivers license plan, one for citizens and another for illegals. This initiative will end such nonsense. Sign the petition or better yet get some copies and circulate them yourself from Oregonians For Immigration Reform on their website or call 503-363-6095 or 503-435-0141.

Steve Culley

Baker City