To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to demonstrate unequivocal support for Deon Strommer. Deon is an outstanding leader in multiple arenas. He leads as head of his family, business, educational district, church and volunteer. His interpersonal and mediation skills are unsurpassed. Deon is respected because he sincerely cares about the well-being of others. Without any reservation, Deon embodies everything a state representative should be.

As head of his family with his loving wife at his side, he has set the standards high. His own eight children are exceptional students and citizens. Deon and Amy have also opened their home to their twin nephews. Deon places his family as a high priority. His love of family is obvious. He is always in any audience whether his children perform or not and he attends parent-teacher conferences. His parents live nearby and he cares for them daily.

Deon has an unsurpassed competitive spirit to build new businesses. He works hand-in-hand with his employees demonstrating that the leader or employer can handle the multiple facets of his many and diverse business ventures. His staff respect him and work hard because Deon leads by example. He is an outstanding small business leader, and recognition of his accomplishments is evident across two rural counties and communities.

His involvement as an elected board member of two school boards says it all. As a school superintendent, my interest has always been to have the most qualified and educated board members in the state. Deon has proven his qualifications by serving on budget committees, negotiation teams, task forces and mentoring to new board members. I have deep gratitude and respect for Deon because he cares about all of the children in all of our schools: the one-room schoolhouse with 22 students to a high school with 650 students.

I do not pretend to have a political bone in my body; however, I know who I want to represent me and my family in District 60. Deon is the leader for this challenging position. He has paid his dues. He is my candidate!

Don Ulrey

Baker City

Editor's Note: Don Ulrey is Baker 5J superintendent of schools.