To the editor:

Tom Butler has resigned from the Oregon State Legislature after many years of excellent and highly respected service. His successor will play a crucial role in the future of Eastern Oregon. We cannot afford to be treated as a stepchild in Oregon politics and must be represented by someone balanced, respected and tactfully tenacious.

Our living and existence in Eastern Oregon is earned, for the most part, the old-fashioned way, from wise and sustainable use of natural resources, and from the services and businesses that thrive in, and are essential to this type of economy.

It is crucial that we be represented by someone who will fight for our private property rights, water rights and access to the use of our natural resources without bartering them away in compromising deal-making sessions.

In rural Oregon we have needs and concerns in education that require our voices to be heard in the halls of the Legislature. We will best be represented by someone who has understanding and experience in education who can articulate our situation and fight for our cause.

We will need someone who is able and willing to take a stand when needed, but more importantly someone who has rock solid honesty with the morals and values to know where to stand as well as when to stand.

When Tom Butler endorsed Deon Strommer to be his successor, I feel he once again made a wise choice on behalf of his district. Deon has owned and operated several small businesses in Baker and La Grande. He knows what it means to make payroll, be on budget and make hard decisions. He has served five years on the Baker 5J School Board and also serves on the board for the Union-Baker ESD. He was a key player in exposing and dismantling a corrupt administration.

If you don't know Deon, ask about him or better yet, give him a call. Deon is the man I would like to represent me and if you do a little homework, you may just find he is also the man for you.

Roy S. Anderson

Baker City