To the editor:

District 60 has an opportunity that cannot be taken lightly or thoughtlessly: Rep. Tom Butler has resigned and a Republican appointment must be made. Deon Strommer is the top choice.

I've served for over five years in the trenches of small town city government in the city of Haines. I know firsthand the need for a voice in Salem. As the Mayor of Haines I'd feel fortunate knowing Deon Strommer as that voice.

Deon isn't just a fella with whom I've done business; he isn't just a familiar face; he isn't just a good-ole boy who has been waiting for a convenient time to run. Deon Strommer is as great a go-getter as I've ever seen. He is highly intelligent and is absolutely dogged knowing and working the real issues. He's been a successful businessman in Eastern Oregon for 20+ years. He understands the issues affecting D-60 and has been actively engaged in the good causes that make our area incredible.

For the past long while Deon has attended county commission and city council meetings throughout the district staying for the entire meeting, not merely glancing in, announcing his candidacy, and comfortably leaving the others to slug out the time and issues. He knows the issues, hearing everything from loose-dog problems to state- and federal-funding woes. Deon has asked the questions, talked with the ranchers, the farmers, and the small business people. Deon Strommer has been in the thick of it and will stay the course for his constituents.

I hope the County Commissioners take seriously their responsibility to their constituents: they must ask the candidates the telling questions, grill them with District 60 concerns and Republican Party expectations and weigh their answers against the needs of our District 60. Upon honestly so doing, I believe Deon Strommer will be revealed as the top choice. Call your County Commission and encourage them to cast their vote for Deon Strommer.

Thomas Isaacson