To the editor:

I write in support of Cliff Bentz for the Oregon State House District 60 seat.

Mark Hatfield, early in his political career, warned about a serious issue confronting democracy: the failure of dedicated and competent people running for public office. Cliff Bentz is a pleasant exception to that apprehension.

Cliff, five brothers and one sister were reared on a cattle ranch near Drewsey. I have noted children raised on farms and ranches usually bring a sense of discipline and hard work reflective of that rearing. Cliff exemplifies that trait.

He graduated from Eastern Oregon University and got his law degree from Lewis and Clark Law School. He has worked in Ontario since 1977. He and his wife, Lindsay, a practicing veterinarian, have brought to their community and this area an enviable record of accomplishment.

The fields of law he has practiced have thoroughly prepared him for this political task. He has concentrated in real estate, business, estate planning, natural resources and ranching law. He served as the chair for the Oregon Water Resources Commission. He is a recognized expert in water law and livestock and ranching law. He now serves on the Ontario 8-C School Board. He is a director of the Oregon Historical Society.

He has prepared himself for this task. He has always, even as a young lawyer, wanted to serve in the Legislature. He has studied the issues. He will need no on-the-job training. He will be a respected voice immediately. Frankly, he is one of the best if not the best-prepared person for public service I have seen in some 50 years of watching state and local elections. This is not a andquot;localandquot; issue but rather who best will represent all of our counties. Cliff Bentz is that person.

Carol and I are giving Cliff our full support. We hope you will too. Call your county commissioners and voice your support for Cliff's appointment and then vote for him in May.

Gene Rose