To the editor:

I strongly believe that we need a new middle school. Not only because of the decaying walls and leaks, but because of bad weather and handicapped kids. When the weather is bad it not only makes the kids cold but it puts them in danger. When we have to travel back and forth from building to building we get cold and wet. That brings in the snow and rain. This makes our floors slippery and wet. This is hazardous for students and staff.

We also have handicapped kids which makes staff stressed about getting them up and down stairs, and back and forth between buildings carefully. People that have to help them and carry a young man up and down stairs in a wheelchair makes it hard. It's not that they don't want to carry him, but they don't want to take any chances of falling or dropping him. People get hurt when going to classes because of the conditions.

I bet I speak for almost all the student body and staff. I think as a community we need to rethink about voting yes for a new middle school. We don't need to move the location of the school, we just need to tear down the old ones and rebuild one school with handicapped access.

I understand that the community does not want to pay for the new middle school but think about the kids. If you don't think we need a new middle school then come to to the school and take a tour during school days when kids are there. You can even go with a handicapped kid and see how difficult it is especially for them to get around. People say why build a new one when it's been like this for years. Well, they don't have to go to school for eight hours five days a week. I'm reaching out to the community for help to make the new middle school come to life, so please help us and vote yes for a new middle school.

Christina laHaie

Baker City