To the editor:

Election 2008 has gone on forever with no end in sight. By the time Oregon has our primary, it'll all be over but the crying.

Locally, three men are after Tom Butler's seat.

His Oregon House of Representative's seat! This ain't Idaho for crying out loud! We don't play that here in Eastern Oregon!

Who are these gentlemen, what do they believe, where do they stand on issues? I want to know about the person who wants to represent me! Do they share my beliefs and values? Will they fight for Eastern Oregon?

I don't support any of the Presidential candidates. I got an e-mail that described this as Electile Dysfunction: The inability to get excited about any candidate from any party.

Hillary scares me. She's anti-gun, anti-truth and anti-freedom. If sleeping with the President is experience, I'd rather vote for Monica Lewinsky.

Obama isn't entirely truthful about his religion. What else is he dishonest about? The worst thing is that he has no respect for the Flag; so I have no respect for him! With more experience and a more conservative stance, his time might come.

Edwards is overshadowed by andquot;the womanandquot; and andquot;the black.andquot; It's tough being andquot;the white guyandquot; in the race this year. He might gain ground while they sling mud and fight it out.

Giuliani, a liberal trying to look conservative, is an embarrassment. As anti-gun as Hillary, but too dishonest to admit it. The andquot;surprise' cell phone call while speaking at the NRA convention was rude and ignorant. If he was trying to be cute, it didn't impress me!

Huckabee and Romney flip-flop so often they don't remember what they believe in now. Do they even have core beliefs?

Paul is a third party candidate, trying to break into the big time, but not exciting.

McCain might be the best candidate, but he's too old for the job. A hero, but not Presidential material.

Aren't there any higher quality candidates out there? Please!

Jim Thomas

Baker City