To the editor:

How many of you are also getting bored with the election game? There is an apparent infatuation or is it a smoke screen? with Iraq and how to conduct our andquot;businessandquot; there. Then there is socialized medicine and what a good inexpensive system it will be for everyone. And there is mud-slinging and more mud-slinging. But no one, except Ron Paul, wants to bring up the real issues and challenges for this country's future.

First in the mind of any statesman, not politician, would be the requirement to obey the U.S. Constitution, the law of the land for any American. I have not yet heard the word andquot;Constitutionandquot; from the frontrunners on either side. Why not? Could it be ignorance or that they want to indulge in things that are off-limits to them at the federal level? They want to control schools and health care and provide jobs and energy for all. All in violation of the Constitution. They are pure politicians, recognizing no legitimate restriction on their powers.

One issue for which they are legitimately responsible is national debt. Most of them, and all of the Democrats, just don't see any problem raising taxes and spending money this bankrupt nation does not have. America is in debt to China and Japan far past the danger point. China, if or when it sells our debt, will be in a position to control the United States. But who cares? People will vote for anyone who will promise something for nothing. Why worry about the future?

Speaking of China: While Iraq is absolutely no threat to the United States, China is! Nearly all of our war machine is based on satellite communications. China now has the proven ability to destroy our satellites. But politicians don't want to talk about that. It is outside their comfort zone.

So the real question is, will the American public and you in particular, vote for the one who appeals to you, or will you look for the candidate who might save this nation from certain disaster? Perhaps, Ron Paul.

Jasper Coombes