To the editor:

A mayor of a large town in Iowa was on TV this morning. He complained that this is one of the coldest winters in recorded history and they have exceeded the budget for snow removal, salting and sanding, by 300 percent. This is going on from Oregon to New York. Heat bills across the country are devastating personal budgets. Almost every politician is preaching energy conservation.

At the same time we have an enormous movement led by Al Gore and the global warming doomsayers to prevent the planet from warming. It is logical to assume that the Earth will warm between ice ages, and the doomsayers know this. There is an enormous amount of money and power to be obtained in the futile attempt to prevent the natural warming of the Earth. There will be a huge bureaucracy created that will have much authority over how you live your lives in the pretense of controlling global temperature. Guess who will pay for that.

China, India and Russia will never participate in such a hare-brained scheme because it will hold back their economy. It will do much to destroy ours, also. Thank God for the global warming and wise up. It's a gift from God.

Jerry Huddleston

Baker City