To the editor:

It's sure been a busy time for the Baker City Council. And it's only February.

Just a month ago we were forewarned about a hike in our water/sewer rates.

Reason being that the sewer department is likely to require improvements over the next decade.

Then this month they vote to pay over $34,000 to some company to write an ordinance to charge a fee on new construction. If approved the city would not have to immediately impose these new fees.

So why bother to spend the money?

Better spent on a sure thing like sewer repairs.

This week it's $716,000 to buy a building and make necessary improvements! That doesn't include the $29,000 over existing budget to operate and maintain. Or the $7,500 wanted to cover unanticipated expenses.

As if that's not enough the city manager says we could pay cash, but let's borrow it instead. That would leave more money available for other improvements.

Maybe next week's headlines will read: andquot;Gas Prices Soar, Recession is Near, Unemployment on the Rise and City Manager Takes a Hike: City Council to Follow.andquot; And it's only February.

Gaylene Morris

Baker City