To the editor:

A recent editorial by your editorial board expressed a different interpretation of the two past school elections. You expressed an opinion that the community was unwilling to spend the money to upgrade the middle school. In fact, we have never been asked this question. Both the votes were to build a new school off Hughes Lane, and of course they went down.

We know that 200-plus citizens want to move the school but perhaps it is time we ask the other 9,000-plus citizens what they want. Would they support an upgrade of the middle school, and if yes, would they prefer to remodel what we have, or tear down and build anew in the present location, or do they want to move the school. It seems our previous elections were very premature.

We have always been a community that supports our schools when the requests are reasonable and thoughtful. In the meantime, suction the feathers from the attic of the Helen M. Stack building, cover the vents with screens, and carry on.

Margaret Brown

Baker City