To the editor:

Since you so winsomely encouraged us to express our opinion on the news, I will do it. The news item that caught my attention was the recent editorial about the sad fact that one in 100 Americans is in jail followed by the next sad fact that once in the prison system, it is likely that a person will return again and again.

This is likely even though rehabilitation is the aim of the system. The writer of that editorial couldn't think of anything more to do but keep on trying to rehabilitate the prisoners.

When I read this I thought, Oh, if only people knew about Charles Colson's Inner Change Freedom Initiative for inmates who are willing to enter this approach to rehabilitation. It recognizes that a person can be taught in a short time what to do in a civilized society, but it takes training over time, intensive training, on how to do it. Character rebuilding takes time and a will. These prisoners very rarely return to prison.

It is being allowed in several federal prisons, though it is a biblically based character development program.

Why don't you see if you can bring it to Baker City.

Suzanne Kahle

Baker City