To the editor:

The title and the end of the letter andquot;Obama Should Find Another Churchandquot; I read with pleasure. I credit the editor for the title, which softens the sledgehammer harshness of the letter. Would Jim be so generous, I wonder, and leave open the question of his race if his color were not well-known?

Jim and Jody were always kind to me. They tolerated my foreboding gloominess and helped me far more than their jobs required. Their lovely children lightened the despondency I felt over the raging Iraq war. Surely their generation will not harbor the ugly prejudice which the most powerful have always used to cause the most helpless and innocent to live and die in hellish hopelessness.

In the book andquot;Dreams From My Father,andquot; there is a powerful uplifting truth. There is only shame in silence when we see what seems wrong. Jim's letter is as painful to me as the poisonous mouthings of idle-brained political pundits, white women, polished, bejeweled and glowing with good fortune, white men, tailored and padded up, puffed up with pride, anger-free, radiating complacency, they wax forth on crime, race, bad character, bad parents, bad teachers, punishment, blackness, brownness, indolence and immorality.

When Senator Obama shed light on the anger of his former pastor, he addressed a dire need in an endangered world and offered us a way to restore honor to our nation if we will look through the door he has opened into an environment white America must see but has never known.

Joane Martell

Baker City