To the editor:

I had the pleasure of taking a private tour of the Crossroads Carnegie Art Center today. As chairperson of the Baker County Committee on Disabilities, I wanted to make sure that the restoration had addressed wheelchair accessibility. I was extremely pleased with what I encountered.

So much thought has been put into making the building universally accessible for those not only in wheelchairs but for anyone with a mobility impairment. The addition of the elevator and a new accessible bathroom on the second floor are blended in with the historical feel of the structure perfectly. Kathleen Chaves welcomed me to the building and was quick to share all the changes that have been made and gave credit to all the volunteers and manpower that have partnered to see this restoration happen.

I left with an abundant sense of pride in my community. So many times in the past, I have struggled with property owners who want to preserve historical elements of a building and yet need to remember that ADA standards are equally important. The Crossroads Carnegie Art Center has met that demand and exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to all the volunteers and contractors for your efforts and to Kathleen for your dedication to this project.

On a side note, I was equally pleased to see the concrete work being done in front of the Eltrym Theatre. After nine years of letter writing and the recent sale to new owners, I am so excited to see changes that make the theater more accessible. It is long overdue.

My family will be seeing lots more movies in the coming months and I might even see a pottery class in my future!

Lori Lien

Baker City