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To the editor:

I returned to Baker City from Pendleton in 2004 after a 26-year hiatus. During that period Pendleton had three mayors and two city managers. Never in all that time did I read such vitriolic letters to the editor concerning city management than I've read locally the past few months.

In a free society, anyone has the right to voice an opinion, but as our presidential candidates are finding out, the electorate wants a full and accurate disclosure. Transparency is the order of the day.

I have discovered that several of the more accusatory letters criticizing city management came from individuals whose phone numbers and voter registration are beyond the city limits and projected growth boundaries. A letter signed only andquot;Jane Doe, Baker Cityandquot; would be from Keating, Sumpter or other rural areas. Signing only andquot;Baker Cityandquot; to ones diatribe is misleading to say the least.

With the above in mind, I am disclosing the following information about myself:

1) I have lived in Baker City over 40 of my 76 years.

2) My voting precinct is No. 2.

3) I live across the street from the city manager (I arrived first).

4) Milo Pope lives across the alley from me.

5) My son-in-law is on the City Council.

6) I coached our mayor in Babe Ruth baseball.

7) I either coached or taught Fred Warner, Tim Kerns, Randy Daugherty and Ken Helgerson.

8) Dr. Stiff was a high school classmate.

9) Tami Green, our county clerk, was a student of mine at Pendleton High.

10) I voted for Beverly Calder.

Despite these connections, none of the above have counseled, advised or influenced me to write this letter. Further, I have never had coffee with any one of the above except my son-in-law, and I paid him for it.

John Heriza

Baker City

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Monday May 22, 2017

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