To the editor:

It is incomprehensible that Congressman Greg Walden has come under attack for an alleged lack of support for the development of the renewable energy industry.

An Eastern Oregon-based organization has recently initiated a negative campaign directed at Congressmen Walden based upon the very narrow issue of one piece of legislation which happens to contain a major tax increase, would significantly harm American jobs and the president will veto and has ignored the very broad benefits over 10 years that Congressman Walden has consistently supported for renewable energy and every other important industry and issue to our part of the state.

I have a personal interest in a renewable energy company that has relied on the expertise and positive influence of Congressman Greg Walden. He is highly informed and works hard to serve our best interest.

I doubt that there is but even one of this nation's 435 individuals serving in the House of Representatives that works harder on behalf of his constituents and sets aside partisan differences like our congressman, Greg Walden.

Thank you Greg. Keep up the good work!

Brian Cole

Baker City