To the editor:

Dr. Charles Hofmann is the right choice for the board of directors of OTEC. I admire people who devote their precious time to public service. Dr. Hofmann is at the top of my list. His adult life has been a legacy of volunteering to a variety of boards, committees and special projects. Two of the many reasons Dr. Hofmann has my vote for the board of directors are:

First of all, as a Baker City councilman, Dr. Hofmann was fiscally responsible with our taxpayer dollars. He understood a budget and knew how to responsibly manage that budget. He was a friend to the taxpayers. I know that Dr. Hofmann will continue that fiscal policy as an OTEC board member.

Second, Dr. Hofmann is a good listener a trait that is not that common in elected officials. Dr. Hofmann listened to the people before making decisions. He listened, analyzed the facts, and then made informed votes based on logic and common sense, not emotions.

Dr. Hofmann: You have my vote, and I applaud your legacy of public service.

Michael Nelson

Baker City