To the editor:

I am writing this letter to give my total and unconditional support for the upcoming weed levy in May. As a weed fighter and Weed Board Member, I can confidently say that we are making significant progress in the battle against noxious weeds in Baker County. Baker County voters must remain committed to the weed fight by voting andquot;Yesandquot; on the ballot. It would be a tragedy if we decided to forego our weed fight, and allow invasives to once again dominate the landscape.

With the help of Arnie Grammon at Baker County, the Lower Burnt River Cooperative Weed Management Area has organized an effective campaign to minimize noxious weed impacts in the Durkee area. Unlike the past, we are making excellent progress on whitetop. We are also gaining in our fight against leafy spurge, another tough species found in the greater Alder Creek area. We also rely on Arnie's technical assistance on riparian weed and restoration management. Simply put, his advice is solid and highly effective.

Unproductive, weedy land represents considerably less economic returns for all of Baker County's citizens. We must keep our crop and pastureland in efficient, cost-effective production. Otherwise, extensive weed invasions increase the risk of these lands being taken off the tax rolls. The end result will likely leave a greater tax burden to those still able to pay.

Again, vote andquot;Yesandquot; on the county weed levy. Thanks for your support.

Ted Bloomer

Baker City