To the editor:

Why is it that we who live in Baker City who are out of work, on Social Security or disability have to worry if our water rate will increase in the next few months and look at the gas tax also? This is all getting out of hand. We of Baker City would like to keep our yards green and flower beds bright to keep Baker beautiful, but if the water rates go up we will not be able to do that. And looks like a garden is totally out of the question.

Baker City is a great place to live and raise children but at the rate things are going who knows what will happen. Baker City is at least one-half retired people and those who are looking for work can not find jobs due to the fact Baker City will not let new businesses come in. We all like the small town feeling we have here, but we also have to make a living to pay the high cost of water, gas and power bills.

Please take a second look at things and keep it possible to stay in Baker City. It's a town we have all grown to love or we would not live here.

Roy Coyle

Baker City