To the editor:

I understand that during the Smith/Bentz debate in Burns Mr. Bentz became visibly upset when asked a question regarding his voting record while he was a commissioner on the Oregon Water Resources Commission.

It amazes me that Mr. Bentz would think that his voting record should be ignored or off limits. Mr. Bentz has made persistent references to his vast experience with water issues, as a reason to vote for him. His voting record speaks for itself.

It clearly shows how Mr. Bentz would or would not represent the people of Eastern Oregon. Mr. Bentz's voting record is a matter of public information and is available in the minutes of the Oregon Water Resources Commission, and can be accessed online.

All politicians, including my father, Denny Jones, while serving as representative of House District 60, have been responsible for their voting record. Before you vote, look at Mr. Bentz's voting record, find out what his real position has been on water issues in Oregon.

Karen Dinsmore