To the editor:

I want to reflect on the April 16 article andquot;Parents upset about Baker High coaching.andquot; I don't know any of the Baker coaches or players.

My wife and I attended several varsity girls basketball games this season, and we went to their final game at La Grande. We sat behind the team bench, and the coaches and players seemed to be communicating well and acting respectfully toward each other.

Baker's game plan was to pressure the La Grande guards into turnovers and keep the taller La Grande center off the boards. This strategy worked, and Baker won a good game.

While reading the April 16 article, I was reminded of a chat I had with my basketball coach at my 25th high school reunion. Coach was an honorary guest at the reunion dinner. I remember saying, andquot;Hi, Coach,andquot; and he answered, andquot;Have you seen Bob Britton?andquot; Bob was Coach's favorite player. He was a big, strong guy and a good player. I didn't know what to answer, and Coach looked away to speak to somebody else. I do know that I felt sad.

Now, years later, I would answer, andquot;No, I haven't seen Bob since high school. Too bad he didn't make it to the reunion.andquot;

Bill Cox

Baker City