To the editor:

I am writing to voice my strong support of Cliff Bentz for our state representative. Cliff is the candidate who is going to go to Salem, be well-respected, and get things done.

Cliff's family has been in Eastern Oregon for more than 90 years. He was raised on a ranch and understands what hard work means. He and his wife are raising their two children here in Eastern Oregon. They participate in and support numerous local efforts.

Eastern Oregon has taken some pretty tough knocks. It isn't hard to get frustrated about government when it seems no one in Salem is listening. Cliff has the experience and the know-how to be taken seriously in Salem. Now, more than ever, Eastern Oregon needs that to happen.

Folks can talk tough rhetoric. That's easy. I am tired of it. It is results I want. I want a representative who can get past the tough talk and the political rhetoric. I want someone who can get us to the table, and make sure we are still there when decisions are being made about Eastern Oregon's future. That's leadership. That's Cliff Bentz.

When you listen to Cliff, you can tell he is proud to be from Eastern Oregon. You know he will fight for all of us on rural issues.

I support Cliff Bentz for state representative. I encourage others to support him, too.

Sandy Wood