To the editor:

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has endorsed Tim Smith, candidate for representative of House District 60. Mr. Smith has proven himself to be a true conservative and has signed a pledge not to increase unnecessary taxes on the residents of Eastern Oregon. This is the same pledge that Ronald Reagan created in 1985, and has been signed by Greg Walden, Gordon Smith, George W. Bush and many of our strongest conservative voices in the Oregon Legislature.

Cliff Bentz, who is also a candidate for representative of House District 60, has refused to sign that pledge. In fact, at two different debates with Mr. Smith, he has verbally attacked the director of the Taxpayers Association of Oregon when he was asked why he refused to sign the pledge. Mr. Bentz has stated that he refuses to sign the pledge because the people of Eastern Oregon may want to increase taxes or have a new tax assessed on themselves at some point in the future.

Voters in House District 60 should read between the lines of Mr. Bentz's statement and ask themselves what he really has in mind if elected. In most all cases, action or lack thereof, speaks louder than words!

Rick Kelley