To the editor:

There should be no question by any voter in House District 60 who should be elected to represent them in House District 60: Tim Smith.

I have known Tim going on 15 years, have worked with him on several projects in District 60 pertaining to fish issues, water issues and land use issues.

I was chairman of Umatilla County Republicans for four years and during those years worked with Tim on many issues that effected Eastern Oregon and the State of Oregon.

I have found Tim to be versed on any subject that would affect District 60 or the state of Oregon.

I have never seen Mr. Bentz being involved in any of the many meetings that I have attended that discussed issues pertinent to District 60 or the State of Oregon.

Tim Smith is an Oregonian through and through and will represent not only District 60 but the whole State of Oregon once he is elected by the voters of District 60.

Oregon needs leaders like Tim Smith and I am asking the voters of House District 60 to put your check mark by his name when you receive your ballot.

James Burns