To the editor:

I have to agree with the statements that Mr. Kurt Miller, owner of the Truck Corral, made at the last City Council meeting where he said that he is sick and tired of hearing how andquot;it's only two centsandquot; or it's only this or only that.

I too am sick of this type of thinking. Our government in one form or another is andquot;only two centsingandquot; us every time we turn around. And another tax on fuel is a prime example.

Consider this: Some of the bigger trucking companies have fleets of a thousand or more trucks out on the road. They hold 200 to 300 gallons of fuel. They fuel up every two to three days on the average. A truck holding 200 gallons of fuel is going to pay an extra $4 to fuel up with a two-cent hike in fuel prices. Multiply that by 1,000 trucks and you can see that the trucking companies are looking at an extra $4,000 in fuel costs every few days.

If Mayor Petry and the City Council members think that trucking companies, with their sophisticated computerized fuel solution programs that they use every day, are going to continue to have their trucks stop at Baker City for fuel just because andquot;it's only two cents more,andquot; they are dead wrong.

Jim Scott

Baker City