o the editor:

The ballots have been mailed and it is time for the voters of District 60 to decide who will represent us best in Salem.

Having known Cliff Bentz most of our lives, we know that he has, can, and will do the best job representing us and all of Eastern Oregon.

He recently did a good job for us in the Legislature after he was appointed to finish out Representative Butler's term. His knowledge of water law, real estate law, tax law, and corporate law, just to name a few of the areas he knows about, makes him an extremely valuable asset to us here in Eastern Oregon.

As the people who worked with him when he put eight years of volunteer effort for us on the Water Resources Board can attest, he served us as well as anyone could have in protecting our water against the claims and attempted andquot;grabsandquot; by the environmentalists who outnumbered him five or six to one on that Board. We know that he will do everything that he can to protect and fight for our water. Anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong. Three of his brothers, his father, he himself (as a water right holder under the Owyhee Reservoir) and a great many of his clients and friends depend on water for their existence and to think he would do anything to harm their use and ownership of water is absurd.

To this, add the know-how he has gained from being raised on ranches in Eastern Oregon. He has firsthand knowledge of every one of the day-to-day problems that we ranchers face.

He also knows the rural economy and how critical it is to keep looking ahead and finding answers to help increase jobs for the people in the towns of our district.

Cliff has the ability to get things done for Eastern Oregon; he will fight to protect our water, and he will never give up trying to make our lives better. For the good of Eastern Oregon, we strongly urge you to vote for him!

Ken and Barbara Arnold