To the editor:

I've been receiving the Baker City Herald for years, and really enjoy getting the local news. In fact I get cranky when the winter weather delays our delivery!

The one complaint I have is that there doesn't seem to be much coverage of any local sports and/or activities other than Baker andquot;Cityandquot; teams. We outlying areas of Baker County would like to see our kids' achievements receive recognition also.

Our Burnt River Bulls play sports every weekend all fall and winter long. Just recently we sent a group of FFA kids to Pendleton, and our FBLA members traveled to Portland to compete.

Once in awhile I will notice an article about the North Powder or Pine-Eagle teams. I remember when Gerry Steele used to make a special trip to a different Baker County ball game every week, then do a full-size article with pictures!

Is it now up to the school, coaches and advisers to get our news to you? I'd like to see us at least get a mention every once in awhile.

Mary Wise