To the editor:

Recently I had the time of my life. I've been playing softball for five years here in Baker City and I have never had this opportunity. We got to play underneath the lights at the Wade Williams Field.

That day I was so excited, I could not stop talking about how excited I was and how important I felt. It was awesome to see all of the parents out of their cars, up in the stands cheering us on.

That night was also my first night pitching. There were people in the stands that I didn't even know encouraging me. This made me feel good about myself and it made me see that when you work hard, it all pays off.

Don't get me wrong, we really appreciate the 17th Street Field at Marvin Wood Products and all that they have done for us girls. Before that night we have played all of our games there. Playing under the lights with the big bleachers, the umpires, and all the fans rooting for us felt like the biggest game ever!

The thing is that today I found out that the boys in baseball get to play at the Wade Williams Field all the time. When I heard this news I was very disappointed, because the girls work just as hard as the boys.

I am still thrilled that I got to have an amazing time. I think it is important because in a small town like Baker it's sometimes hard to find things to do. It gets you out of the house, keeps you active and out of trouble. I hope that I will get to experience it more often.

I would like to thank Ty Bennett and everyone else who made it possible for letting my team and I play at the field. Hopefully with the new president we will be able to share just as much playing time as all the other teams. If you ever get bored just come out and watch us girls do what we do best. You will have a great time and support your community.

Cassidy Palmer

Baker City