To the editor:

Has ethanol made your groceries high enough yet? Has this political payoff gone far enough? I'm sick of the Democrats blocking energy development. Do you really think putting mercury lightbulbs in your house will solve the energy problem?

Not me. The Democrat energy bill is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Any drunk in a beer joint could figure out a better deal than that. Maybe we will get some action now because beer is going up about 30 percent.

Everybody call, write or e-mail your senators and congressmen and just say andquot;drill.andquot; Repeal ethanol. Build nuclear.

The U.S. Navy has been running around the globe on nuclear power for 50 years without any problems. France, Japan and Germany run on nuclear, no problem.

This country is in a freefall. The biggest corporation is now in China. Only two of the world's richest men are in the U.S.A. It's not the people, it's the Congress. Their popularity rating is 19 percent. The dumbest or the most corrupt people in the country are in the Congress. It's not Bush, it's Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Schumer, Boxer, Obama, Hillary. They are all a bunch of multi-millionaires. They don't give a darn what gas costs. They hold the price up by keeping the supply down. They keep the supply down by preventing drilling, nuclear, clean coal power plants and refinery-building. Everybody in the world is drilling but us.

The world is passing us by and our Democrat Congress doesn't give a darn. They need poor people to stay in power. If we were all prosperous who would need them? They take your money and then promise you help if you will just vote for them. Democrats want high gas. $10 or $20 a gallon would be fine with them. You can ride a bike while they fly a jet. Both Democrat candidates pretend to be for the poor. They say they will tax the rich for the money to help you.

Well, they are the rich. How can you believe them? I can't. Ethanol is just another political payoff. Guess who's paying?

Wise up.

Jerry Huddleston

Baker City