To the editor:

After reading recent letters concerning the state of our fair city, I began thinking of my own walks through town. First, who has time to negatively critique home and yard-keeping skills when you are enjoying interaction with people you actually know and care about?

Secondly, I can never resist peering at the homes I pass while I'm strolling the sidewalk because someone has always done something interesting and unique.The differences are refreshing and worth a few junky eyesores in this Land of the Free.

What I find astounding are the eerie and unimaginative suburban neighborhoods I stumble upon while on vacation that present perfect facades of cookie-cutter decorum. Not a scrap of litter in sight, no evidence of questionablelandscaping techniques and a hefty fine for the errant homeowner who dares allow the lawn to grow past 2 inches!

Unless you have your GPS handy, strolling is out of the question, as you quickly lose all sense of direction in the homogenous terrain. Perhaps we could pool our money and send a tacky yard-ornament relief package. In the meantime, I think I'll just keep enjoying my gorgeousand friendly hometown!

Whitney Black

Baker City