To the editor:

I have been a baseball grandma for a few years, and while I don't profess to know a whole lot about it, I do know what fair is.

We had one of the best umps I have seen in quite some time. He was fair, professional and treated everyone the same. He would help the pitcher warm up until the catcher was in his gear and ready to warm up. He would give the catchers on both sides pointers and encouragement. He was an all-around GOOD umpire.

I am not really sure what happened, but now he's gone. He would even take the time to explain a call if we didn't understand it. We had a member of the team the kids were playing, working as the ump. While I am sure he was doing the best of his ability, it was less than desirable.

I was told the rule book says minors play only 1 hours on weeknights. The other team insisted on two hours. OK, so we started at 7 p.m. and the ump should have called the game at 9 p.m. Instead, he called it at almost 9:20 p.m. to give his team time to catch up.

So, Ed, if you are reading this, thank you for your time, your professionalism and your fairness. The moms, grandmas and mostly the kids, will miss you.

Trudie Zemmer

Baker City