To the editor:

I saw the ad for birth control next to all of the pictures of the senior graduates at the high school. What do you think this is telling kids? That it's just fine to have sex at any time? Instead of having an ad for birth control, they should have an ad saying to wait to have sex until you're married. These are teenagers! If a woman doesn't want to get pregnant, then she shouldn't have sex. It's one thing to try to sell something so horrible to adults, but to teenagers, that's absolutely ridiculous.

All adults want to be good role models for kids. But what kind of example is this setting? How can they call themselves good role models if this sort of thing is put next to all the high school students? The things a recent high school graduate should be focusing on are: getting to college, working hard on their education so that they can have good jobs and careers. They should NOT be focusing on sex and how to prevent getting pregnant.

Ruthie Boyd

High school freshman

Baker City