To the editor:

Re: The andquot;birth controlandquot; ad in the andquot;Class of 2008andquot; section of the newspaper. It is simply wrong to target a youthful, unmarried population with this type of advertising, which blatantly encourages a lifestyle that many find immoral.

Premarital sex is not healthy emotionally or physically; it is ironic that the Public Health Department would place such an ad.

Easily procured birth control encourages sexual promiscuity, and birth control does not always accomplish its end. Moreover, the number one reason given by women seeking abortion is andquot;failed birth control.andquot;

This ad represents an error of judgment on the part of many who should be responsibly seeking to shape the lives of our young people. Surely other parents are dismayed to have their teenage children encouraged to engage in sexual promiscuity. I encourage parents to express their concerns to the Health Department.

Jay Boyd

Baker City