To the editor:

Another article on the front page of the Oregonian, andquot;Rural Oregon Running Out of Money,andquot; yet still no focus on Greg Walden and his killing of a congressional bill that would have extended those federal payments. No interview of Congressman Peter DeFazio who helped write the bill. No focus on Greg Walden's betrayal of his constituents and his colleague Peter DeFazio. No focus on Greg Walden's support of Big Oil Greg Walden did not want Exxon, Chevron, Shell and others to have payments for existing oil leases on federal lands helping to pay for extending those federal payments to rural counties. What has protecting Big Oil got to do with supporting Eastern Oregon? And why won't The Oregonian include these facts in its ongoing story about the budget crisis in rural Oregon? The Oregonian ran an article at the time DeFazio's bill was voted down several weeks ago. Why won't your reporters connect the stories and fully inform the electorate don't they read their own paper or are they just lazy? Or is there some other hidden agenda?

Steve Allen