To the editor:

Another presidential election looms. And we have the opportunity to use our electoral voices for change.

We can get change by electing someone who will bring integrity and honesty to the White House, or we can elect someone who has campaigned on the idea that all we have to do is hope for change.

John McCain spent his formative years in a family devoted to the motto, andquot;Duty, Honor, Country.andquot; He spent his late teen and early adult years at an institution where a new motto became part of his life: andquot;We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.andquot; The next 15 years were spent practicing those mottos as a naval flying officer, including residency at the Hanoi Hilton.

Electing John McCain will bring the mottos he has lived his life by to the forefront of United States government. He is the abler of the two candidates to bring an honorable end to a war that is dividing our people and wasting our resources. For 10 years he fought for this country, and for five he experienced a situation which called upon his patriotism, ethics, adaptability, knowledge and leadership in time of war. This does not mean that he wants war, but he has the knowledge that can extricate us honorably.

He has shown that he can elicit cooperation from both sides of the aisle; however, we have to realize that a president can suggest actions, but getting things done is totally in the power of Congress. There is a definite probability that John McCain will start a trickle-down effect which will increase the patriotism, honesty and integrity of those we elect to office.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, says that the people can get change primarily through a change of leadership. Lots of hope and little substance. My father would have had something to say about a plan that had a lot of hope and not much planning to assure it.

Vote for John McCain: patriotism, honesty, integrity, leadership and change.

Robert L. Heriza

Baker City